My non-fiction writing has been published online (as blog posts) and in print. I have written on the experience of being an international PhD student, on young adult fiction, on career & personal development, etc. My experience as a FISAF-certified sports instructor has also informed my writing.



Personal development, mindfulness & mindset shifts, well-being


Settling In as an International PhD Student, blog post

Best Industry Transition weekly online article for PhDs, Cheeky Scientist Association, USA

Apr 2018

Contributions - Online
PhD Life blog (University of Warwick, UK) 

I wrote posts mostly on mindfulness and well-being as a PhD student.

Times Higher Education blog (UK) 

What's in a name? For PhDs, everything, 14 Apr 2019 - rewritten from The Power of Introduction post

OH NO Moments during your PhD, 31 Jul 2019

A State of Transition, 15 May 2019

Creative Ways to Release Stress, 27 Mar 2019

The Power of Introduction, 27 Feb 2019

Making your Workspace Work for You, 21 Nov 2018

Dealing with Discomfort during a PhD, 8 Oct 2018

Lessons from a Spinning Bike, 19 Sep 2018

Confessions of a Perfectionist, 1 Aug 2018

Motivational Quotes for the PhD Journey, 3 Jun 2018

A Mindset Shift for the Introverted PhD Student, 9 May 2018

Settling In as an International PhD Student, 21 Mar 2018 -- voted Best Industry Transition weekly online article for PhDs by Cheeky Scientist Association, Apr 2018

Love and its Trials during a PhD, 14 Feb 2018

Read Me Anthology blog (University of Warwick, UK)

I wrote posts on young adult fiction.

Contributions - Print

As a journalist, I wrote articles on career and personal development for 13 to 16-year-olds in teens magazine, a youth lifestyle magazine in Singapore.

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