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Jenny Wing Haang Mak



Writer (short story, novel, poetry, theatre, film, blog) · Literary Scholar · Teacher · Journalist


I'm deeply concerned with the body, movement, experience, living locally in a global world, and the art of capturing these themes critically and creatively through art - writing, film, theatre etc. 

I'm also interested in the psychological mindsets that we inhabit - how they trap us, but also, how we can change our thoughts and free ourselves.


Recent Awards

Aug 2019


Bristol Science Film Competition, UK

'Back to the Beginning: Killing Infection with Infection'

Apr 2018

Best Industry Transition weekly online article for PhDs

Cheeky Scientist Association, USA

'Settling In as an International PhD Student'

Apr 2013


InkTears Short Story Competition, UK




Oct 2013 - Apr 2019

University of Warwick, UK

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Oct 2012 - Sep 2013

University of Warwick, UK

Masters in Arts (Distinction)

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Oct 2006 - Jul 2009

University of York, UK

Bachelor in Arts (Hons)